Monday, February 2, 2009

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This is a blog setup for all BMW "Bimmer" E90 E93 owners to talk about any "issues" they have with their BMW.
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VIN is WBAWL73568PX57700
Engine blew up at 51K for oil change issues after BMW changed the oil and serviced the car after 3000 miles, warning for those that buy this car.

Welcome! The posts in this blog are the property of Please do not copy, print or use posts without the express written consent of an individual poster. I have stated facts in my story to the best of my ability. I advise all posters who have issues with their BMW automobile to state the facts of their situation in an independent fashion. "Of course, all opinions based on the stories presented are welcome."

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  1. I've been in this car with him when it's raining, it's redicilous how much it leaks.

    I was the one that took the video that you see!

    I'm telling it was so much water, I felt like someone had taken a water bottle and dumped it in my lap. It soaked my shorts through a folded up towel!!!