Monday, February 2, 2009

E93 BMW 335 Waterfall

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VIN is WBAWL73568PX57700
Engine blew up at 51K for oil change issues after BMW changed the oil and serviced the car after 3000 miles

Before you buy a BMW, read the links and watch the video !!!
So who has a BMW E90 E93 335 convertible that leaks ?

Mine came from Rick Hendricks BMW in Charleston, SC
Read about BMW NA and DE and how they do not care about their customers, how they lie to them, etc, before you buy your next BMW.

Read the threads on some of the most popular BMW forums linked below, watch the video, tell your friends that are thinking about buying a BMW to read before they buy.

Customer Service at its best

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BTW seach about the leaks with the E39 convertibles.
This is not a isolated issue, many complaints about the new hardtop


Rick Hendrick Felony Conviction for Bribery (book review)
A must Read cick link

1997 Mail fraud conviction

In 1997, Hendrick pleaded guilty to mail fraud. In the 1980s, Honda automobiles were in high demand, and Honda executives allegedly solicited bribes from dealers for larger product disbursements. Hendrick admitted to giving hundreds of thousands of dollars, BMW automobiles, and houses to American Honda Motor Company executives. Hendrick was sentenced in December of that year to a $250,000 fine, 12 months home confinement (instead of prison, due to his leukemia), three years probation, and to have no involvement with Hendrick Automotive Group or Hendrick Motorsports during his year of confinement.


  1. Any car that does not have frames around the windows will leak when you put a pressure washer against it. Does it leak when parked or in the rain?

  2. Leaks when it rains, when I take a water hose to it, etc. Other convertibles do not leak when taken through the same PCW

  3. Any updates? Mine was also leaking (though not as bad as yours), and I got a lawyer - BMW still insists it's "normal" for a convertible top to leak at some point.

  4. BMW is full of crap, I smell a class action lawsuit, their customer service just blows compared to other companies

  5. I can not comment on real or not real issues about Hendricks and BMWNA and your relationship as customers. You may very well have some majorly messed up cars. But I can comment on your statement "all content of BIMMERISSUES is sole property (do you have a COPYWRITE?)of you and can not be reprinted/used with out someone telling us so". It is public domain once printed and that is the end of it. I will also say there is no relivance nor purpose to state info on the HONDA court case in terms of your issues with Hendricks and BMWNA here. None what so ever. To do so is as well, if you take that stance above a violation of reprinting of other peoples info without thier permission. Tit for tat as they say on your part. When I was up north at the time you state, thier was a dealer network much like Hendricks called PCM Dealer Network that had a multi points (3) HONDA store and a AUDI-VW/PORSCHE/MB point and a few others. Not BMW thou. And they were the same, jacked up by HONDA NA. And once AUDI-VW got wind they were full court pressing to get in on the same deals. But they never got traction. It (Honda withholding cars, unless paid off) all went to court as well. What does that like the Hendricks deal have to do about BMW and your issues? Nothing yes nothing. All it has to do with is telling the world that you and I for sure would/should never buy a HONDA. Nothing more. SO please confine your issues and facts to BMWNA and Hendricks Motors as it pertains to you and BMWNA. Thank you. All this tells me is your hell bent on muddying the waters with crap and bad mouthing Hendrick for a non BMWNA issue. Use the forum or blog as it is intended by you for some good in the first place. You are shooting yourself in the foot otherwise. Good day Sir.